2015 September 14, on Monday, sunny like no other, our family embraced a baby girl Alice for the first time. The name she got destined the discovery of this world to be an adventurous one.

Time flew, Alice was growing up fast and despite all the parenthood joys and magical moments I was constantly in search for baby clothing that would last the adventure, yet be gentle, organic, and still beautiful…

And here is how another adventure called La Petite Alice began!


In the end of summer 2016 I woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy idea, “I must create clothes for babies!”. I was so moved by the idea that I instantly started planning of how those clothes should look like, from what material, what should be the brand name, etc. Though having in mind how easy it is to get discouraged, I kept this idea only for myself and my husband. After a few days I met my friend Elzė who’s a photographer that captured many beautiful moments of our family life. I felt like sharing this idea with her that I carefully kept just for myself. When I told her everything about my vision and the dream to make baby clothes, she suddenly spilled out of the blue: “I’m pregnant!”. So there we were, two moms holding secrets of each other. Very organically we decided to join our forces in creating something really beautiful.

As you can see, La Petite Alice is a dream to come true. From now on, every piece that Alice wears is equipped to give her freedom to discover, to last any challenge on the way, to light the curiosity with embroidered forest animals and, most importantly, to be gentle on her skin and the world around her.